Is the New Exodus Kodi Addon worth the Trouble?

exodus addon

So your wondering if you should even mess around installing Exodus Addon again. I know, I have been there ohh to many times in the past. People would say that its back up and running and then BAM! There’s nothing and it was just a bunch of false hope and promises that breaks little heart.

Well that wont happen this time my friends. I have personally verified that this is up and running and I could not be happier. In the beginning when I was trying to find an adequate tutorial for it, I had some trouble. Seems like half of the crap that you search for on Google pertains to something else. At that point you have to search through all the garbage to find the one good post that works for you.

Installing Exodus On Kodi 18 Leia

Now that I have finally found a good website to go off of, and the repository url seems to work, I decided to go on with the installation. At first it seesm a little daunting has its like 18 step tutorial. I was thinking whats the chances that I am going to get through 18 steps before running into some kind of error. Well low and behold I did make it through and found some pretty good info at that. I went to a website called and went to there Exodus Addon Tutorial. Here is where I learned how to install Exodus on kodi 18, and I did it with in a few minutes. I am going to honest I did have a little trouble, but I referred back to the video they had and got it fixed up in no time.

exodus addon running on telivision


What did I think of The New Exodus Addon?

The Exodus Addon for kodi is just awesome. Its all the great things you remembered about Exodus before. But now its even better and they have upped there library. So there is TONS of content to watch. I even noticed that you will get better quality movies from there too. Seems like the streams on a lot of the other addons have just been crapola  lately. So if your looking to install the Exodus Addon for Kodi again, then check out the post or that website. Great Tutorials and Support over there too.